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Website-Squad Today, Issue #001 -- Increase conversions, Does your site need a new design, and more
October 15, 2005
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The first baby steps

Welcome to the first issue of Website Squad Today. I am really excited as I prepare this Newsletter, as this is not just the first issue of Website Squad Today, but the first issue of the first Newsletter that I will have ever sent.

I'll keep the editorial short in this issue, because I want to ask you what you would like to see in the Newsletter. Your suggestions and comments are most welcome. This Newsletter is for you, you see, so it's only reasonable that you have a say in what it contains.

Why don't you ask me questions related to your website? I'll pick the question that's the most relevant and useful to a lot of people, and then answer it in the form of an article. Then, if you permit me, I will announce it in Website Squad Today.

What do you think?

You can send your comments and suggestions through the contact form on my website. Please mention that your question is in response to this Newsletter.

All the best,

Rohit Sinha,
The Website Squad

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OK, back to the newsletter...

Increase conversions by understanding your visitors

Most websites suffer from the problem of low conversion rates. Order pages that don't get the order, download pages that no one downloads from, and newsletter sign-up pages that don't get subscribers are scattered all over the web.
What to do if your site suffers from the same problem? Find out here

Pre-selling - What, How, When

When visitors first arrive at a website, the site is like a stranger to them. It's the job of the website to turn itself from a stranger into a friend in the eyes of the people that visit it. Because these people are going to buy from a friend, not from a stranger. They will follow the recommendations of a friend, and an expert, not someone who is trying to push stuff down their throats.
Read the full article here

Does your website need a new design?

The decision to change your website's design should be based on a thorough analysis. Depending on the size of your site, your budget, and other constraints, you may limit this analysis somewhat. But an analysis should be done nevertheless.
Read the full article here

Use traffic analysis to help your visitors

Analyzing traffic doesn't just mean counting your visitors per day or per month. A good website traffic analysis tool should help you find more, and give meaning to those numbers.
Read the full article here

My website design looks too boring

Lots of people think their site looks boring. They feel other sites, especially those of their competitors, look better. While it's true sometimes, most of the time the site is just fine.
Read the full article here

Tip #001: Affiliate IDs

Do not use affiliate IDs that contain your name (or anyone's name for that matter, except maybe the name of the company or product you are promoting). Don't use IDs that contain numbers, either. Both types of IDs are dead give aways that this is an affiliate link. You know how it is. Most people don't click just because it's an affiliate link.

Try to use IDs that make people think it's a part of the site's own URL. Which means incorporating the company or product name in the ID, or terms like sales, information, product, display, etc. Choose one that fits the company or product you are promoting. No need to have the same id for every company or product.

Examples of bad affiliate IDs include rohit123, rohit, sales123, etc. Some good affiliate IDs are sales, index, info, information, widget-name, etc.

If you target more than one market, see if you can sign up with multiple IDs for the same product or company, if you think that would benefit your marketing. They won't mind in most cases. After all, you are helping them make more money. If in doubt, get in touch with them and ask.

Some companies have something like "affid=" or "affiliate=" in the URL, which of course renders this tip useless.

That's all for now, folks. See you in the next issue of Website-Squad Today.

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Rohit Sinha

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