I want to tell you so much, but you'll get bored

Hi, I'm Rohit Sinha, the founder of The Website Squad, and I'm here to tell you a bit about this website and myself.

Picture of Rohit is hosted with SiteSell Inc., of the Site Built It! fame. It was first launched in December 2005, and ever since then, I have been doing web design work for small business clients. Many of my clients are SBI! users.

SBI has been around for 10+ years now and has helped thousands of people start an online business, which is why I trust them so much. It's hard to find someone saying anything negative about them (with exception to a site build it scam campaign that was a complete lie launched by competitors). Anyways though...

I am a self proclaimed geek who is "normal" in a curious sort of way. I take my work very seriously, and I'm passionate about it, but I am not without a life. I often work through or late into the night, but my hair still remains smooth. I even dress properly and shave regularly. No beard, see?

I have a fair bit of experience in the web design field. And because I love what I do, it doesn't seem like work at all. But I still do my work in a professional manner. I take pride in my work.

Results are what I focus on

Everything that I do, website design or development, template design, site reviews, or something else, must bring results to the people I service. I don't just give you a pretty package with nice stickers on it. When you open the package, it must contain something you'll like all your life.

When you create a site or maintain it, you make an investment. And like every smart business person, you want good returns on your investment. I can make sites for you that don't just look good, but bring your money back, many times over. Or if it's not money you want from your site, but something else, like motivating people to do something, or asking them to sign up for something, you still want your site to succeed.

I can do all that for you. But hey...

Websites ain't all that I do

Of course, being the good natured (ahem!) geek that I am, I do a few other things too. Like create SBI! Valet, a little software tool to help SBIers preview their SBI! Include files without having to build the page. In addition, there are other software tools that I am developing, to make working with SBI! a bit easier. These tools are being developed primarily for my own use, but once completed, I may give them away for free to other SBIers.

But web development is my passion. This is what I love the most, and this is what I mostly do. Of course, I'll continue building and supporting the software that I have built too. I work for myself fulltime now, and can work on things I like. Like designing and building websites. :-)

If you think I can do something for you, or if you just want to chitchat, get in touch with me.


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