Probably the slowest but the surest way to increase website traffic

Well, not that slow

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You want to know how to increase website traffic. Now. And you run a small to medium sized website with a modest budget. You don't have money, and you don't have time.

Certainly a strategy that declares itself to be slow at the very outset may not interest you that much, but bear with me. The strategy I am going to outline here is slow in the beginning, but has big (and I mean BIG) dividends down the road. And over a period of time, you get rewarded much more for your efforts and money than any other strategy.

Actually, what I am going to tell you is common knowledge, no secret. But since you are here, I am going to assume you haven't put it to use to increase website traffic for your site.

Here we go.

Use content to increase website traffic

Yes, darling. Content is king, sure, but in more ways than one.

Content is not just supposed to give your visitors what they want, but to pull more visitors too.

When you write content that specifically targets what people are looking for, the search engines reward you by sending more traffic your way. People on the Internet are looking for information. You provide this information through your content. Search engines love good content, because it provides answers to what people are looking for.

It's the search engines' job to provide answers. Your content will help them do that, and they will surely reward you for it. When the search engines are happy with you, they increase website traffic for you too. Naturally! That's how they express their love for your site.

Content is the best way to increase website traffic, not SEO. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

What is content, and how do I know what to write about?

Well, first things first. Your product description is not your content. Similarly, your biography or "About Us" page is not your content. Of course, these things are required. But your visitors rarely come to your site looking for these things.

Then how do you know what kind of content to write, what topics to cover, etc?

For that you can use keyword research tools. There are several to choose from. Choose one that suits your requirements and budget. My personal recommendation would be Search It!, which is both free and extremely useful. I use it all the time, in addition to the SBI! Brainstormer, to come up with ideas for new content.

It's important to choose keywords that have little to no competition in the search engines. You want keywords that you could rank high for. It's OK if you get only a little traffic for each keyword in the beginning. With time, the traffic for each of your pages slowly adds up, thus resulting in significant amount of traffic for your whole site.

But again, this can only happen if you write lots of content. One page for each keyword related to your site's theme. Each page brings in a little traffic. With time, as you add more content, and thus more pages, you get more and more traffic.

And that's not all

One important thing is to think about your visitors while writing your content. Provide information on things your visitors want to know about. Information that can help your visitors solve their problems. Write words that make them smile and bring joy in their lives.

When you do that, magic starts to happen. Some of your visitors with websites of their own will start linking to you. With time, you pick up more and more links. Search engines notice this and start rewarding your site with higher and higher rankings. As a result, more and more people visit your site (increased traffic). When more people visit your site, some of them link to you because of your great content, thus increasing your link popularity even further. On and on the cycle continues, and you get more and more traffic.

But it all starts with content. Content is what will drive traffic to your website. Slowly, but steadily increasing traffic.

The more content you write, the more traffic you will get. Make sure the content is great, though, so your visitors enjoy coming to your site. In future articles, I will talk about how to increase website traffic by having your visitors coming back to your site.

So if you want to increase website traffic, fire up your HTML editor, and start adding content to your site.

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