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What is SBI!?

That's a bit hard to define to someone who has not yet been introduced to SBI!. Simply because there is nothing like it, in my experience and knowledge.

In short though, SBI! is a whole set of tools and packages that help you build your website, host it, and make it a success. This success part is important; do pay attention to it. Almost anyone can build a website, or get one built by someone else. It takes more to be successful.

In addition to the tools and packages, Site Build It! is a guide. A guide that will take you by the hand and help you make your website successful. You need to follow the instructions, though. It takes hard work to be successful. No shortcuts here.

But the most amazing thing about Site Build It! is that it empowers common people, with absolutely no technical skills whatsoever, to build successful websites that beat those built by professionals. You don't need to know the technology or tricks behind building a website, having your own Search Engine Marketing campaign, or anything else. If you know all this stuff, very good. Now try to forget all that you know, and learn to focus on success. But if you don't, and especially if you don't, you still have a level playing field. Why?

Because SBI! does it all for you. The technology part, I mean. Lots of things will happen without you even having to lift a finger. No, scratch that. You will have to lift your finger once in a while. How else will you click? ;-)

And because you haven't been "corrupted" yet. So you can focus on your success right from the beginning, instead of getting lost in the myriad of technological details.

But you still need to bring your own brain and motivation to the table. You are the one who knows your business, hobby or passion. SBI! doesn't. You deliver on that count, and SBI! will deliver too.

Yes, success. After all, you found my site and are here, reading this page, right? Those who already know what SBI! is, are on another page by now, after having clicked that tortoise above. Because they know what the tortoise is, and what it symbolizes.

You will find out too, after you become an SBIer. ;-)

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How will SBI! benefit me?

That's easy to answer. It will make you successful. The best part is, you define what success is for you. The rest is just details...

Site Build It! will help you if you:

  • Want to get your website in the top positions in the Search Engine listings
  • Need more traffic to your site
  • Want to build a site quickly and efficiently, focusing on building your content, forgetting the technological details
  • Need to help people or simply reach out to them
  • Need to make money
  • Extend or bring your offline business online
  • Start an online business venture from your home or small office
  • Want to quit your day job

There are many more ways SBI! can help you. The above are just a few examples. The power of Site Build It! lies in its ability to make your website successful too. Provided you follow the system, of course.

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How is SBI! different?

Be glad we are not in a commercial for a certain ketchup that shall go unnamed. Otherwise I would have answered that with, "It's different!" After a few times, you would have gone nuts! :-)

Anyway, Site Build It! is the only package that guarantees success. And not just tall claims, but solid proof. See below.

Site Build It! is the only package that includes everything you need to succeed — tools to build your website, market your website, build traffic, etc. etc. etc. And they go on adding more and more at no extra charge.

Site Build It! is the only package that removes all the technological barriers and reduces the work and time required by 90%. But mind you, you still have to work hard. This is not one of those get-rich-quick-by-magic type schemes. You are going to build a real business, and building a real business always takes work.

Bottom line? Success.

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How do you know?

I know because I am a happy customer too. This site, that you are currently on, is an SBI! site.

I know because they give proof of success (link opens in a new window).

They deliver verifiable results (link opens in a new window). Those are a few hundreds of their clients who have websites in the top 1%. Of course, that page doesn't include all their successful clients, only a small cross-section of them.

  • 35% of SBI!! sites ranked in the top 1% of all sites on the web
  • 53% were in the top 2%
  • 62% scored in the top 3%

I know some of these people with these websites. These people are real, like you and me. I am one of the moderators in the SBI! forums, and get a chance to interact with some of these people.

If you want to know more, maybe you would like to go to the Site Build It! summary site (link opens in a new window). Or you can even ask a real SBI! owner yourself. Or just ask me directly. I am an SBIer too, you see! ;-)

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