Thank you for these testimonials! I'm honored.

I try very hard

The people I service notice the amount and quality of work I put in for them, and appreciate it. Here are a few words of praise and testimonials from a few people I have worked with.

He made me feel like I was his one and only client: Rohan

Rohit is the Michael Jordan of website design. He has it all. The technical skills, artistic eye, and all the intangibles that make it a joy to work with him.

He made me feel like I was his one and only client and his attention to detail will blow you away. Instead of just asking "what colors would you like", he asks "what do you want your visitors to feel!".

Subtle difference, but if you saw my site before Rohit's re-design, you'll see it's really as subtle as the difference between lightning and a lightning bug.

Thanks for holding my hand throughout the process. This is my first website and that's exactly what I needed!

I can't sing his praises enough and wouldn't dare ever using another designer.

Rohan Gilkes,

Exceptional ability to understand and respond to the customer's exact needs: Birgit

I am very tech minded and to ask for help is unusual for me. Boy am I glad I did. I am impressed how up to date you are with all the newest developments and technologies. It is a relief to know that my site will still be functioning smoothly with any new browser versions, a claim that not many css designs can make.

But what really makes you stand head and shoulders above the rest is your exceptional ability to understand and respond to the customer's exact needs. (In record time, no less!)

Thanks for all the explanations and tutorials you've thrown in at no extra charge, and for the time and patience you had for my countless questions. I need to warn you, though: I'll be back with my next project :).

Birgit Bradtke,,

Update: Birgit indeed followed through on her "warning" and came back to me for designing a template for her next site,

For the small amount that I paid for his services, it has already returned tenfolds: Jose

Rohit is a genius! And a friendly one at that. What I can't find from other website consulting services, he has the answer to my designing problems. For the small amount that I paid for his services, it has already returned tenfolds, and is still giving me a decent earning from my website.I would definitely be one of his loyal customers.

Jose Baltazar,

You had such patience with me and created exactly the image I had in my mind: Joanie

Dear Rohit - you are fantastic - there aren't enough kind words I can say to thank you for being such a wonderful person and such a talented person in design. You worked with me, who cannot understand a thing you do, but you had such patience with me and created exactly the image I had in my mind for my business with the little I could explain to you. I thank you from the bottom of my heart and count you as a very dear friend. Thanks.

Joanie, "My Vintage Sole"

You have a gift for design: Audrey

Rohit, you made such a difference to my Web site! But that's not the best part. The best part is that you've made such a difference to me!

As a complete technophobe, I was convinced I would never crawl out of my cave and get the site design I wanted. You made the process so clear and "doable." I especially appreciated your clear directions and your patient willingness to make sure I understood completely. You have a gift for design. That's clear. But you also have a gift of gentleness.

I wish you great success with your business. I'll certainly continue to tell others about your excellent work.

Audrey Owen,

With Rohit's help it was a breeze: Craig

Rohit was a pleasure to work with! I was nervous about taking the plunge into CSS and XHTML but with Rohit's help it was a breeze. All of my questions were covered in the outstanding PDF book that accompanied my design. He is knowledgeable, professional, and got the project completed in a timely manner. I am very pleased with the final result. I would recommend his services to anyone that wants to take their website to the next level.

Craig Ferguson,

More than met my expectations: Simon

Wow - What a Great Job and Professionl Service!

From first email Rohit focused on my needs - assisting me in being better able to communicate what I wanted, as I wasn't sure.

During the designing process Rohit exercised a 'nothings too much trouble' attitude, happily making the changes I wanted.

My sites 'look and feel' went from 'very average joe' to a very professional looking site in less than a couple of weeks.

Rohit more than met my expectations and I am very happy to recommend him to anyone wanting to give their site a very special touch.

Simon Allin,

My SBI website that I previously disliked now looks better than I anticipated: Rose

I've dealt with many online providers but I must admit I've never come across someone as professional, patient, concise and thorough as Rohit. I'm a very fussy person and when I thought I was demanding too much changes on my web design, Rohit rose above my expectations. He's well above mediocrity in his profession. I was extremely impressed by his level of understanding a client's expectations and his unique way of explaining delicate details. He takes time to detail what's going on and analyzes every technical issue in layman's language. My SBI website that I previously disliked now looks better than I anticipated. I'm in love with my new L&F! Where in the online world can you get such service?

Rose Musyoka,

You made the whole process so easy: Surrinder

I was so glad that I found you on the internet to redesign my website.

From the initial email I sent to you and the detailed response I got back, I knew I had found the perfect person to redesign my webpage.

You made the whole process so easy with detailed examples on what to do. We practically finished the whole redesign within a week.

I respected you when you never asked for any money upfront and only requested payment after I was 100% satisfied. I don't think anyone can beat your service.

Hoping for a long term relationship.

All the best.

Surrinder Ahitan, SBI! site owner

Rohit made it so easy it was actually quite enjoyable: Travis

I highly recommend Rohit and wouldn't hesitate to use his services again. In fact, I will be using him as my exclusive developer on any projects moving forward. Unlike other developers I've worked with in the past, he was an excellent communicator and was very responsive and always met deadlines. I was amazed at the quick turn around on all phases of the project we worked on together. What I enjoyed most about working with Rohit was I got so much more than just a developer; he's extremely knowledgeable on website design and development so I got a consultant, designer and developer all in one! My project could have been a major headache but Rohit made it so easy it was actually quite enjoyable. He's honest, has integrity and does great work. You will not be disappointed with his services - he's a true professional!

Travis Van Slooten,

Ultra professional, thorough and efficient: Phil

I am delighted with the work Rohit has completed for me. Not only is he a very knowledgeable programmer, he has the unique ability of conveying potentially complicated issues in a very concise, easy-to-understand manner. It's very difficult to find a Net expert who really appreciates both the technical issues AND the bigger, marketing picture of e-commerce. Rohit is highly proficient in both. Ultra professional, thorough and efficient, he will undoubtedly be the first person I turn to whenever I need a website designing, building or improving. Keep up the good work!

Phil Davies,

Hands down the best website programmer I have ever done business with: Chad

In the 12 years I've been online Rohit is hands down the best website programmer I have ever done business with. He is very knowledgeable, courteous and thoughtful. He works until you are 110% satisfied. He asked questions to get a good understanding of what my needs and wants were and then gave detailed suggestions to areas that he thought would need improvement. He has great communication skills and is very timely in his responses and work. Rohit's pricing is very affordable as well. He isn't out to rip you off like other companies on the net. If you are running on a tight budget or just want the best "bang for the buck" Rohit is your man. I will be using his services for every project I have planned.

Chad Henry,
New York, NY USA

Rohit is both creative and patient: Christine

When I asked Rohit to design a new 'Look and Feel' for my website, I had no clear idea of the exact look I wanted.

Fortunately, Rohit is both creative and patient! He sent me a series of potential designs and made some great suggestions.

I described to him the message I wanted my Look and Feel to convey to my visitors. He listened, responded and came up with the perfect design!

I would happily recommend Rohit to anyone looking to revitalize their website with a fresh and vibrant Look and Feel.

Christine Albury, SBI! site owner

You have been great to work with, in both your skill level and communication style: Barbara

Dear Rohit,

Barbara Hastings here, the owner of I just wanted to thank you for your assistance with John Walsh in getting my site launched. He said you have been great to work with, in both your skill level and communication style.

I'm most appreciative to finally have this site launched and you obviously have been an important person to help us move forward.

Thank you again,
Barbara Hastings,

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