Are you using the BBCR formula to get traffic to your website?

What do you do to get traffic to your website? One of the ways to look at it is the BBCR formula, which has the potential to literally explode your traffic.

The BBCR formula to increase your traffic is:

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  • Buy traffic
  • Borrow traffic from others
  • Create traffic to your website
  • Retain the traffic that you already get

The BBCR forumla is a website owner's best friend, in terms of getting traffic. In the remainder of this article, I will explain the meaning and importance of each step in the BBCR formula, and then a little later we'll talk about how to make use of it to the maximum, to help get more and more traffic to your website.

Buy traffic

This is the first B in the BBCR formula.

Most people seem to be averse to the idea of buying traffic for their websites. This type of thinking is typical of those who are webmasters first, business persons second (or not at all). They don't understand investments, ROI, and other such "dirty" terms associated with business.

But what you need to understand is this. Buying traffic can get you started immediately. And it lets you test things immediately to guage demand, visitor reaction, and so on. This in turn lets you find out what type of content your visitors respond to best, so you can position yourself accordingly for maximum profit, before you invest time and money in other strategies of getting traffic.

Here are a few ways to buy traffic:

  • PPC ads
  • Banner ads, newsletter ads, and other ads
  • Paid links

This is pretty straightforward stuff and has been covered elsewhere. In particular, to learn how to master PPC ads, I recommend this ebook (opens in a new window).

Borrow traffic

This is the second B in the BBCR formula.

How do you borrow traffic?

You simply find sites that get high traffic, and find a way to direct some of that traffic to your own site. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Write articles on a high traffic site, with a link (or more) to your site in the resource box.
  • Write a guest post on a popular blog.
  • If you have a product of your own, or provide a service, recruit affiliates who will send traffic to your site in exchange of commissions on product sold.
  • Find as many ways as you can to get links to your site. Reciprocal linking is OK too, within limits, and taking care to ensure that it is done for the sake of getting traffic, not SEO.
  • Participate in popular forums, and post a lot, with a link to your site in your signature or forum profile.

And have you heard about sites like digg, stumbleupon, and others? ;-)

You get the idea.

Create traffic

This is the C of the BBCR formula.

Everyone knows how to create traffic, right?


Um, ok. Here's how to create traffic to your website.

Retain traffic

This is the R of the BBCR formula. This is where things get interesting, difficult, and rewarding. The question in your mind right now can be summed up in one word.


Simple. Make your visitors come back to your site again and again.

"Duh," you say. How?

The best way is to produce some outstanding content that they can't live without. Do this on a regular basis so your site stays fresh and people keep coming back to check out what's new.

Another way is by keeping in touch with your visitors. Start newsletters. Publish RSS feeds of stuff you put up on your site. The feed can be for anything — photos, music, podcasts, blog posts, articles, interviews, jokes, anything that your visitors will like.

Yet another way is to let your visitors keep in touch with each other. Start a community. The most common way is to host a forum. Another way is to bring Web 2.0 to your site. By using Content 2.0 (link opens in a new window).

OK, now that we have examined the details of the BBCR formula...

Use all four parts for rapid growth in traffic to your website

This depends on the type of website you have, your target demographic, and a lot of other factors, but for best results, it's best to have a mix of all the four parts of the formula. Most site owners only concentrate on one part. If you work on all four parts, you will see an exponential growth in traffic to your website. Otherwise you may still see some growth, but it will be nothing compared to what you could have achieved.

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