Articles on increasing your web conversion rates

Web conversion rates on your website

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This page is the starting point of all the articles in this series, a home page for all articles related to conversion rates. It contains links to other articles, both on this site and outside this site, and links to other resources that you may be interested in.

  • Using traffic analysis to help your visitors: The most important use of traffic analysis is to understand your visitors and their needs. This article tells you what to look for and what it means.
  • Increase conversions by understanding your visitors: Guess who you want to convert to customers. Why, your visitors, of course. So isn't it important to understand their behavior and needs, so you know what to do, and how to behave with each visitor? This article tells you how.
  • Pre-selling: The reason why most websites fail to sell is that they don't pre-sell. This article explains what pre-selling is, and how to do it.


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