My website design looks too boring!

A common complaint indeed

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Lots of people think their site looks boring. They feel other sites, especially those of their competitors, look better. While it's true sometimes, most of the time the site is just fine.

It doesn't matter if you find your site boring!

This is so important, it's worth repeating. It doesn't matter if you find your site boring! Conversely, it doesn't matter if you are in love with your website design.

The only thing that matters is what your visitors think about it.

You built your website for your visitors, not for yourself. Visitors are the life blood of any website. You made your website to pull in and serve your visitors, not to amuse yourself.

Or maybe you did, in which case it's perfectly fine to amuse yourself once more. You may want to click here.


Now that those other people have gone looking for amusement, the rest of us who are serious about our website design can continue talking.

Reasons why you may dislike your website design

It could be that your site does look boring. If it does, then you should do something about it, if it's so important for it to look good and professional. But before that, let's examine what it means to have a boring website design, and whether your website design really is bad.

Here are the most common reasons why people hate their website design:

  • Repetitiveness — You have looked at your website's design for far too long. You are so used to looking at it that you don't find it interesting anymore. If this is the case, you need to remember your visitors haven't looked at your website as much as you have. You may have looked at it a million times, but most of your visitors have seen it only a few times, many only once. They may find it interesting enough.
  • Other people's websites — You keep looking at other websites and compare your website design to theirs. You want all the latest gizmos that your competitors have on your website too. If this is the case, you should stop looking at your competition for a while. Take what you learned from your competitors' websites and use it to analyze your own website. If you find your website's design lacking in something, ask yourself — will it improve my offering in any way if I include it on my website? The answer should decide your course.
  • Misplaced priorities — Perhaps you think having a fancy website design is more important than a solid offering in the form of a product or service. If this is how you think, please remember that people go to a website either looking for solution to their problems or information. Given this, it's important to provide useful information (content) to them, and have a top class service, product, recommendation, or whatever else you offer. Unless your offering is good, no website, no matter how good it looks, will be able to make people pay for it.
  • It really is boring — So boring that even an English butler will be forced to yawn. Not just this, it's important for your website to not look boring. Find a good web designer (ahem ahem) and have them take a look. A good website design will put you in good footing with your visitors, and make their stay on your website much more pleasant and rewarding. In turn, they will thank you by buying your product, hiring you for your services, or following your recommendations, etc.

But really, why do you find your website boring? How do you even know it's boring?

Do you remember how you felt when you looked at your website's design for the first time? Did you find it boring even then?

Just because you find it boring now, doesn't necessarily mean it really is boring. Find some people who have never looked at your website before and ask them what they feel about it. Do they find it boring too?

And if your website is indeed boring, are your visitors bothered by it?

If you really think it is the most important thing

You only have to look at some of the most successful websites in the world. Here is a small exercise for you. Do the following things:

What do you think about the look and feel of these sites? Do you think it's boring, or exciting? Did that stop you from using the sites, or did it encourage you? Did you even stop to think about how the site looks?

Still think a website's design is the most important thing?

Forest or trees? What are you after?

Maybe you're focusing on the wrong thing.

How your website looks is not what makes people buy from your site. A good look and feel on a website sets the stage, gets your visitors in the proper mood. But the role of the look and feel ends there.

A good look and feel doesn't distract the visitors, or get in their way. It establishes an element of trust in the mind of the visitor. It makes the site look professional. There are times when a solid look and feel augments your offerings, and reinforces your credibility.

Given this, it's up to you to decide your priorities, based on the way your visitors behave. Should you spend time polishing your website design, or should you focus on improving your products or services? What will increase the success rate for your website, both as a short term measure and a long term one?

The only way to be sure is, of course, to ask your visitors. If you don't have a mechanism to conduct a poll or survey, just ask a few friends who are not afraid to tell you the truth and you'll have a pretty good idea.

OK, OK, so you're convinced your website design is boring

Well, this is where a web designer comes in. Such as me. ;-) If the way your site looks stops it from being successful, I can take a look at your site and improve matters. I am a web designer of course, and a part of my job is to make sure your website looks good. Look and feel is not what a website's design is all about, but it's a part of it. I take pride in my work, and promise to deliver value for your money.

Do get in touch with me. Your website's design will not look boring anymore! ;-)


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