Website hosting guide

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What looks cheap is not necessarily affordable

Most of the time, when people buy a hosting solution, they get a headache free. And this headache is not only bad for their blood pressure, but also their wallets.

What may look cheap in the beginning may turn out to be costlier for you in the long run. You need to be really careful, and become knowledgeable about web hosts before choosing one. Website hosting is such a competitive field that many providers are willing to go to any lengths to lure unsuspecting people to become their victims customers.

It's not just about money. Apart from investing money into your website, you spend a lot of time on it. The quality and reliability of the hosting affects how professional your website looks. A lot is at stake here, not just your money.

Value for money — your money

So how much do you actually pay when you choose a web host for your site? Apart from what they charge, that is.

Consider the time you'll spend calling their support, fixing errors, getting things sorted out, etc. And what if their support takes ages to respond to you and/or resolve the issue?

Attach a dollar value to your time. Or if you hire someone to manage your website hosting and look after these things, the time spent on this is paid for directly from your pocket. Your time and money are valuable. You could be doing something else instead of constantly keeping in touch with your web host. Something that could earn you money, or something that you enjoy.

And don't forget how your business or image will get hurt if your site is ever down. How much value in terms of money do you attach to this? How will you calculate how many customers you lost, and how much they might have spent at your site?

So how affordable does website hosting look now, if you take a wrong decision?

It's only really affordable if...

... you make the right decision and choose your web host with care. That way you won't end up spending time and money later. Time and money you'd rather spend on something else. Time and money that no one told you in the beginning you'll have to spend.

Other issues

As if this isn't enough, there are other things to confuse you too. Windows or Linux hosting? ASP? PHP? CGI? Which database? What is a domain name? Do you need a static or dynamic site? How many email accounts will you need?

These and several other questions will boggle your mind while trying to choose a website hosting solution. But don't worry my friend...

Why fear when I am here? ;-)

This website hosting guide will provide you all the information you need, and help you decide. Some of the issues above are important, some are not. Don't let any hosting company confuse you with details or bully you into thinking your site is worthless without every single one of their gizmos.

Watch this space. I'll keep adding chapters to this guide, covering each topic in detail, so you can make a smart and informed choice yourself.

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