Website review service

What I offer

I can help improve your site.

If you ever faced problems like...

  • I don't get enough traffic to my website.
  • Visitors don't buy from my website, or don't register.
  • Some of my visitors complain that my website loads very slowly.
  • My website doesn't display correctly in all browsers.
  • Visitors complain it's not easy to find information on my site.
  • There is a lot of great content on my site, but people don't stay long enough to read it.

... then a website review may be what you need.

I can help make your site better, faster, and easier to use. My focus is on improving usability and achieving business goals through simplicity and clarity in web interface design.

Take a look at my fee schedule, or get in touch with me to get your site reviewed.

How it works

You can either tell me specific problems you want me to solve, or ask me for a general assessment. You can tell me to review specific areas or pages in your website, or ask me to take a look at the entire site.

Before you begin troubleshooting or solving any problem, you need to determine what the problem is, exactly. Unless you know the problem, there is nothing to solve.

This too is a part of what I can do for you. You tell me the symptoms, I find the problem. Then I give you easy to understand, step by step instructions about solving the problem.

It's not necessary to ask for a review only after your website design is complete. You can ask for a review after your site is live, or while your site is just a rough paper based specification or an early prototype. An independent review is useful at any stage.

I work on a per-page pricing basis, though you and I can work out volume discounts if you have several pages to be reviewed.

The work I do for you may involve reviewing your site, fixing problems, writing code, brainstorming or thinking up ideas, and writing the review report, among other things.

What you will get

You will get a report in PDF format.

  • The report will include a list of suggestions and recommendations.
  • Each suggestion will be accompanied by an explanation of why it's useful.
  • I will also include screenshots of your site, wherever it is necessary to point out specific places I am talking about.

In addition, if one or more of the problems that the website review is trying to solve needs some code to be implemented, it will be included as separate file(s), zipped together with the PDF document.

Well, that's it. Stuff that you can actually read, implement and use, not something that makes me look busy. Sometimes these instructions will be easy to implement. Sometimes they will require a lot of work. But then, nothing worth doing is easy, right? :-)

If you need any clarifications, feel free to ask. If you need help implementing any of my suggestions, I am always at your service.

What next?

Please get in touch with me with your requirements and site description. As soon as we have established your needs, and the goals for the review, I will get started.

Thank you. I look forward to hearing from you.

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